Maybe you’ve been dreaming about sitting behind the wheel of a classic Chevy Impala and riding around on a warm summer day, or the idea of a classic car reminds you of the time you spent under the hood in the garage with your grandfather as a kid. Whatever the reason you’re looking to restore a classic car – we get it!  There’s nothing quite like the sound of an engine purring and a glistening coat of paint.

Depending on how rare or weathered your project is, there is a lot that will go into completing a classic car restoration project. That’s what we do here at Innovative Restorations and we take pride in helping that vision become a reality.

We thought it would be fitting for the first blog to be about the things you should expect when restoring your car. Be sure to check back often as we provide information here for everything from car care tips, to an inside look of our shop.

Assess the Project

First thing first. You need to understand the scope of the project you have on your hands and what will be needed for the restoration. Is the piece you’ve tied yourself to a rust-filled cadaver? Maybe it’s been parked in someone’s garage so long you’re afraid to even try to turn the key. These elements will determine the scope of your car restoration project.  You’ll also need to decide the type of restoration you’d like to do. Is this going to be a car you drive around regularly – in which case you may want to consider adding modern upgrades for comfort, or will you trailer it to car shows and have a keen focus on keeping it as classic and original as possible?


Wouldn’t it be great if restoring cars only took time and not money? Restorations can get pricey depending on the work needed and the rarity of the parts, but it doesn’t mean an amazing project can’t be done. With some planning and realistic budgeting, you can keep on target and complete your project with fewer surprises and setbacks.

Get Professional Help

Unless you have years of experience tinkering under the hood of cars and straightening out a dent, you’re probably not going to do a full out restoration on a vehicle alone. That’s why we’re here. We work to rebuild the project to your specifications and get the car restored to the level of quality it had when the first owner purchased the car. We never cut corners and work closely with you to ensure all upgrades, color choices and any planning include your direction from start to finish. You can see the professional difference when everything’s been refinished inside and out, lines up accordingly, and when the only thing that catches your eye on the body is the glisten from wax.

Thinking about restoring your car? Give us a call today!