If you or someone you love has an old or restored classic vehicle, take heart: the holidays are coming, so it’s a perfect excuse to gift technology upgrades that can make an old vehicle that more lovable. Even if your older vehicle isn’t an intentional classic (just fully paid for, and attractive for that reason), you may want to venture into the enticing world of technology add-ons for older vehicles.

This holiday season, some of the top tech add-ons for older vehicles include:

Remote Start Kits

Baby, it’s cold outside! If you’re jealous of your neighbors’ ability to warm their vehicle before their backsides hit the cold seats, why not invest in a remote start kit for your own older vehicle? There’s nothing like remote start on winter mornings (or, for that matter, on a summer afternoon when the interior of your car feels like a sauna) so your vehicle is climate-controlled as soon as you get in.

Dash Cams

You may not need one for work, but they ARE nice to have. The good news is you can add one, from an inexpensive basic version that simply records the windshield all the time, all the way up to connected versions with remote access to the camera from anywhere, crash sensing and emergency notification, and even basic driver-assist functions that can prevent collisions and help keep you in your lane.

Back-up Camera

While backup cameras have been mandatory on new cars since 2018, lots of vehicles on the road today lack them. They’re a wildly useful feature designed to assist you in easier backing up and prevents one of the most common kinds of accidents. Experts recommend that you look for a wired camera that connects to a display in your car, either in-dash or in-mirror, rather than through your smartphone, which is awkward. Many of today’s add-on rear backup cameras are a universal design that attaches to your license plate fasteners, although systems customized for your vehicle are available, as well.

USB Charger

Without a USB port, you may feel lost. New vehicles today often have two or more of them. A USB car charger adapter plugs into a 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter and provides charging for smartphones and other devices.


Let’s face it: older vehicles aren’t great in the connectivity department, and many people rely in their smartphones for everything from navigation to music. Upgrade your car’s current audio system to one with built-in Bluetooth.

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