If you’re a car enthusiast or have one in your life, then you know just how serious the love for automobiles can get. From your vintage car collector to your hotrod buff or even the newer Euro car scene – chances are the amount of detail, work and love they put into their rides cannot be ignored. 

Here at Innovative Restorations, we have an eclectic love of cars young and old – extreme and original. We service your everyday driver or help you create a vision and bring it to reality with your car project. 

If you’ve been wondering whether to go pure restoration with your project or if Restomod is the right route, here are some key points to consider.

What is a RestoMod

First, it’s important to understand what a RestoMod even is. The newer term is used to describe car restoration when an older vehicle is being restored and upgraded at the same time. So they are not just getting the new seats and paint job, they’re also doing mechanical upgrades to the vehicle and customizing it to take on its own originality. 

When to Consider a Standard Restoration 

If your idea of working on a project car is to completely gut it and then restore it back to something brand new, but still exactly how it came originally from the factory, then this traditional restoration method is the better route. Many a classic car lover will attest to the satisfaction they get knowing the car they are driving looks, feels, and is exactly how its maker created it to be in that era. 

Have Fun, Do Whatever you Love 

Like we said earlier, we love cars of all kinds. If you want to slam it to the ground and camber the wheels or you rather make it look like it just drove out of the dealership in 1962 we love your ride just the same! Remember, it’s your ride, your hobby, and your vision. Do with it as you please. 

If you need help, advice, tips or a professional hand while you navigate your new restoration project please drop us a line, we’d love to chat!