Whether you’re a new driver or someone who’s been licensed to drive for decades, appreciating the value of your car goes a long way in ensuring you have a trusted set of wheels to get you around. Maybe you’ve already experienced it, or just don’t have the time under your belt yet to know – but cars break down. They need services, parts have to be replaced and depending how much driving you’re doing you need to be aware of all the basic maintenance you should be performing if you want to get the full life out of your car.

To avoid this, make it a point to always have basic car care scheduled and to follow recommendations on other preventative maintenance suggested by professionals.

Still need convincing? Here are some things to think about:

Are You Saving Money?

Forgoing most of these appointments may leave you some extra money for activities or a night out, but it will cost you far more in the long run if you decide to do just simple oil changes on your car and nothing else. Did you also know you need a timing belt, battery, and light bulbs checked and maintained? What’s worse – let one of them go too long without repair and their breakage can lead to a domino effect causing other mechanisms in the car to require replacement and repairs. Add up those savings!

Age & Usage

Depending on how old your used car is, how well the previous owner took care of it while in their possession and even how much you’re using your car (driving a lot or even driving roughly) – all of these can change how frequently a car maintenance schedule should happen. Even if your car is new and you enjoy taking it out to show off. Needing to use your brakes frequently to come to a quick stop, for example, can wear the pads much more quickly than someone who brakes slowly and gently to slow their vehicle. All the things you want to consider before you say, “No thanks!” to a repair recommendation.

Future Needs

Don’t just think about the car and its longevity when you’re deciding whether or not to skimp on a maintenance. Don’t forget too about the things you’d like this vehicle to help you accomplish. Planning an epic road trip with friends this summer? Won’t be so fun when your head gasket blows just fifty miles out of town. Keep driving and you’ll risk even more damage to the car. Trust us. You don’t want to be the person in the picture above, stranded roadside on the day of a very important event, wondering why your car is overheating or no longer moving forward.

Save yourself the aggravation and schedule a regular maintenance visit now!