If you own a classic car, it’s probably your most prized possession. Restoration work can be complicated and expensive and should only be performed by qualified professionals. There are plenty of shops that will claim that they can do work they are not qualified to do or that will cut corners to finish a project as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next customer. If you want to have your car restored, carefully choosing an appropriate shop can help you avoid serious problems.

How to Find the Right Shop

If you know any fellow classic car enthusiasts, they can be excellent sources of information on competent local restoration shops. If you visit a car show and see a vehicle you admire, the owner may be willing to give you the name of the shop that performed the restoration work. Ask people about their experiences, including whether the project was completed on time and whether the quality of the work and the price met their expectations.

Some types of restoration work can be performed by any licensed shop. If you need to have work done on a component that is specific to your vehicle, however, you will be better off looking for a business that has expertise with that particular make, model, and type of project.

Once you have narrowed the field to a few shops, visit them if possible. Seeing the work area is important. Look at how clean and organized it is to get an idea of how well the shop is run. Also, observe the moods of the workers. Employees who seem focused, content, and not rushed will most likely perform quality work.

Do Your Due Diligence

Check with state regulatory agencies and the Better Business Bureau to find out if any complaints have been filed against a restoration shop. A small number of complaints shouldn’t necessarily be a red flag, but a large number of complaints, or allegations of criminal activity, should be enough to make you choose another shop.

Get a Written Agreement

Make sure that everything you agree to is put in writing before any work begins or any money changes hands. Specify the work to be done, the parts to be used, when the work is to be completed, and the estimated price. If any disagreements arise, you will be able to refer to the contract to resolve them. If any changes need to be made or any unforeseen problems arise, the agreement can be amended.

Discuss Your Restoration Project

Innovative Restorations in Wallingford, Connecticut, can restore your classic vehicle to its original glory. Whether you need to have work done on one area or want a full restoration, we are up to the task. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you!