If restoring a muscle car tops your list of dream projects, maybe it’s time to get started on it. Before you begin though, it’s important to think about all the things that could go right, or wrong in the midst of your build. These things have the potential to make the project become something that sits in your garage for decades.

Whether the car you’re going to be restoring is a rust bucket that you picked up for cheap or a solid car that’s been handed down to you and just needs some upgrades and extra love to get it looking good – you’re going to want to think about these factors.

Non-Salvageable Parts

Oftentimes when restoring a muscle car, you’re focused on getting the power back so you can take the car off to the track or have some impressive speed (in an always safe manner) on the streets. In order to do this, you have to consider the overall condition of the car before you get started. How are the body and frame? Is it rotting? Safe? What kinds of parts is it going to need to get running and is there stuff currently on the car that is not salvageable.

Rarity of Vehicle

Speaking of having an issue with non-salvageable parts, you have to think about how rare the vehicle you have is. The more unique and one of a kind, the harder it’s going to be to locate parts for it (if they’re even out there) with that comes a mark-up in prices for the parts you’ll need to think about too.

Your Upgrade Wish List

Many restoration projects also come with a set of Wish List items. Things that we’ve come to like in modern cars that weren’t included years ago. When you start to make a long list of upgrades and desires to the powertrain, chassis, or even interior technologies – getting there is going to take time, skills, and extra money.

All of the things we mentioned above are no reason to NOT get your restoration going. By all means – we think doing any restoration is totally worth it in the end because nothing beats the feeling of that first drive in a car you’ve had your hand in, and made decisions to customize. But for some beginner car enthusiasts or those getting into their first restoration, these are valid points worth considering before you go all in.  Want more reasons you should STILL get your car restored? Check out our list of reasons you still commit to your project and see it all the way through.

Have questions? Stuck and need help mid-way through your build? Want to just hand the keys to us and let us do the work – we’re here for it all.