Many people who restore their classic cars focus on making mechanical repairs and fixing the exterior but treat the interior as an afterthought. That often results in a car that looks amazing on the outside and runs like a dream but has a cheaper-looking interior.

Think about the Whole Project

If you are planning to restore a classic car, consider all the work needed and factor the cost of upholstery into your budget from the start. If you won’t have enough money for everything on your wish list, it’s better to scratch off some of the optional add-ons than to have to cut corners on something important at the end.

Find specialists to handle each aspect of the job at the outset so they can coordinate their work. That will help them avoid a situation in which one person has to struggle to complete a phase of the job without interfering with someone else’s work or needs to postpone a project until another person fixes something.

Find the Right Restoration Shop

Compare several classic car restoration shops before choosing one. Ask who would work on your car and how much experience that person has with the specific type of restoration to be performed. Request photos of past jobs completed by that individual.

Visit a shop to see for yourself how clean and organized it is. Ask about measures that are used to protect vehicles from scratches, dents, and theft.

Restoration shops vary widely in terms of labor rates, but you shouldn’t just go with the business that offers the lowest price. Labor costs are a direct reflection of the quality of the work performed. A cheaper shop might save you money, but you could be disappointed with the work and might have trouble selling your car in the future.

Choose the Right Upholstery

If you have seen a car with upholstery that you like, take a photo to show an employee at the restoration shop. You can also bring a photo from a magazine or website to make sure you and the upholsterer are on the same page.

It’s critical to use quality materials that are designed for your type of vehicle. They should be durable and able to stand up to regular wear and tear as well as the sun’s UV rays.

Take into account how often you will drive the car and who rides in it with you. If your kids go on drives with you and like to have drinks and snacks, choose a material that is easy to clean and doesn’t trap odors. Ask the restoration shop to recommend the best material available that fits your budget.

Make Your Classic Car Look New

Innovative Restorations in Wallingford, Connecticut, has an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who can return your classic car to its former glory. When restoring your car, think about the project as a whole and make the upholstery as much of a priority as the exterior. Contact us today to discuss your options.