If you’re a lover of all things car-Resto then you’ve landed on the right page! Here at Innovative Restorations we live and breathe cars — from vintage classics, to rare garage finds and even daily drivers. We have a love for everything with a motor!

One thing that really excites us is when our customers are as into their car as we are. Sometimes they come to us only after they’ve reached a part in their build where they’re not sure what to do. Other times, they rather have the professionals tackle the work. We love doing both! 

If you fall into the first category, and prefer to get your hands under the hood and have been wanting to do your own car restoration – we have some great cost-sensible cars to get started on. These picks aren’t all that’s out there but they offer a safer playing field when you’re first starting out in terms of cost and rarity of parts you’ll need for the restoration. Of course, it all depends on what you envision for the car and it’s condition, but this is still a fun list to consider if you just want to start thinking about doing your first ever restoration.

As always, we are here for everything you might need from small pieces to the larger build or help getting it done. Don’t hesitate to reach out, or just share your progress with us! 



Since Mustangs have been a long-loved car in the U.S., there is a plethora of information available at your fingertips to learn all about the car and exactly how to restore them. There are also a lot out there on the market since the car has been around for so long so locating one to purchase won’t put you too far out. As an added bonus, there are many manufacturers who are still making parts even for older Mustangs so you won’t have too much digging to do for replacement parts either as you rebuild. 


Just as with the Mustang, Dodge Chargers are a popular car that has been around for quite some time. This time of market saturation means there’s a lot of inventory out there to choose from and books, online videos and tutorials available to help even first-time, novice car restorers to learn enough about the car and how to fully restore it in no time. If you’re looking for a build that won’t put you too deep into the investment consider purchasing an older charger that is in okay condition and gets to work!



If you’re into more of the classic car look vs. muscle cars, then Packards are the best cost-sensible option. These cars from the ‘50s look amazing when they are all cleaned up and locating necessary parts to restore it doesn’t become a hunt and find game. Instead, you can enjoy the quality time of taking part in a restoration project and the timeless results you get once you can drive it.