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In 2014 Innovative Restorations Inc. opened its doors, however it truly started long before then. The owner, Adam Bradley, always had an interest in classic vehicles. Throughout his childhood and into his teenage years he always admired the craftsmanship that went into them. In high school he began working on his first vehicle, 1970 Buick Skylark, and found a job at a local body shop. After working in the trade for many years while also working on projects out of his garage, he realized his passion is making customers happy. This led him to make the decision to open his own restoration shop where he would be able to interact with customers on a daily basis and provide them with the quality craftmanship that he has honed over his nearly 15 year career. At Innovative Restorations Inc. we provide the highest quality services for all aspects of the restoration process. We pride ourselves on being honest and hard working. After the restoration is done, service does not stop. We are dedicated to maintaining your vehicle for as long as you have it. We treat your vehicle with the amount of care as if it were our vehicle.



Full Restorations:  A full restoration is like a house; it is only as good as its foundation and the planning that goes into its construction. In order to produce a long lasting vehicle, we must start at the beginning by fully disassembling and stripping every piece down to it’s substrate. Each piece is inspected to determine what needs to be replaced, repaired, or fabricated. Then, we will work to rebuild the project to your specifications. Our goal is to deliver a high quality product and to have look as you always dreamed it would.

Vehicle Inspections: Whether your vehicle has been sitting for years, over winter, or you are preparing for a long trip, we can inspect and provide a thorough condition report covering every aspect of your vehicle, so that you will feel safe behind the wheel.

Wiring: We offer complete wiring harness fabrication. Both OEM style or a modernized version with updated fuses and waterproof connectors are possible.

Vehicle Maintenance: Long after the restoration is complete, we will be here to help with any maintenance and/or repairs that might pop up. Whether it be mechanical or body related, no issue is too small. Even if it is not one of our builds, we would be happy to handle it like its our own.

Cost and billing: We are a time and material shop. You pay for the time that goes into restoring your vehicle, the cost of parts, and the materials. On a biweekly basis you will be provided with an update on the progress of your vehicle along with a current balance.



How much will it cost?

No two cars are the same, so it is impossible to give an exact cost or estimated completion date. Estimates are often inaccurate due to the nature of the restoration process in which ‘hidden surprises’ are discovered. Due to this, Innovative Restorations Inc. will do our very best to provide you with an estimate if possible, however, at the very best it is only a ‘ballpark figure’ and not a guarantee of cost or labor.

How long will the restoration process take?

There are many determining factors: parts availability, quality of replacement parts available, type of build, full frame car vs. unibody, original restoration vs. restomod, etc. Because of all of these variables, the process is unique to every project and therefore the amount of time before completion will be different as well.

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